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Bali Tandem ATV Bike in Rice Fields and Jungle Tracks
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Bali Tandem ATV Bike in Rice Fields and Jungle Tracks

Not only single adventure package, we also provide a tandem package for Atv Rice Field Adventure in Ubud, Bali.

The package is recommended for you want to have different experience during the atv adventure, where you can ride the atv bike with your partner alternately as being a rider and a passenger.

Stunning and Challenging Tracks

Stunning and Challenging Activity
Stunning and Challenging Activity

As the single package, the tandem package also offers stunning and challenging tracks that will get through a traditional village, rice field, and also jungle.

The traditional village and rice field points are full of impressive view where you can see the activity of local people and green landscape from the rice paddy plants, and must also conquer some obstacles of muddy and wet terrain.

While, the jungle points will features more challenging terrains in green view of many and cooler atmosphere.

Before starting it, we will apply safety equipment such as: a helm and gumboots for safer adventure.

Applying the equipment will be helped by our professional guide. Make sure you choose the equipment in fit size for more comfortable experience.

Next, the guide probably will tell you about techniques and instruction for the adventure, and also take you to simulate operation of the atv bike.

When above are ready, all participants will make a line which will be led by guide at some points as: front, middle, and back.

Who Can Join?

Bali Quad Bike Adventure
Bali Quad Bike Adventure

In fact, everyone (from 6 to 65 years old) may join in the tandem tour. For the rides is required to be over 17 years old.

And the underage people (6 – 16 years old) can also join the tandem atv adventures such as a passenger in the back.

So, the tandem is a good choice for family tour which you can take your children in fun adventure.

Why Choose Tandem?

In the tandem package, you can pay at cheaper price as one price for two people. It may surely save more of your money than you and friend book two single packages in double price.

Besides that, you and friend can take turn to ride atv bike and sit at the back.

So, want to join into the adventure? You can book now for special offers via contact below.

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