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Everything about Bali Tandem Quad Bike Tour in Ubud
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Everything about Bali Tandem Quad Bike Tour in Ubud

For you who plan to join into quad bike adventure in Bali, maybe find term about “Tandem Quad Bike Package” when searching for adventure quad bike package on internet.

Have you known about the tandem package? What is the difference than the single package? If you don’t know them yet, let’s find out all about them as follows!

Tandem Quad Bike Package

Bali Quad Bike Adventure
Bali Quad Bike Adventure

In fact, the tandem quad bike package is not too much different than the single package.

The tandem is only offered for two persons who want to have an adventure experience together on a quad bike (all-terrain vehicle).

It will allow you and your partner to ride the quad bike alternately as a rider and passenger along the route of the adventure.

Meanwhile, the price of the tandem is also cheaper (one price for two persons) than you and partner book each single tandem. It surely will pay double for two persons.

Good Choice for Family Adventure

Some of quad bike adventure spots has different minimum age limit to the participants in riding a quad bike. Most of the providers require the rider over 17 years old.

The underage persons (6 – 16 years old) are not allowed to ride by self. But, they can still sit on the back to join in tandem package as a passenger.

Hence, the tandem package is always preferred by the family who want to take their children to join in the quad bike adventure.

Facilities in Tandem Package

Ubud Tandem ATV Adventure
Ubud Tandem ATV Adventure

As single, the tandem package also includes same facilities inside it as follows.

  1. Quad Bike Riding Experience

The quad bike adventure generally take 1 - 2 hours (depends on the speed). In tandem, one quad bike vehicle will be used by two participants.

  1. Safety Equipment

The quad bike adventure is categorized in extreme activity. Hence, the safety equipment such as a helm and gumboots are also included in it.

  1. Guide

Before the trip, the participants usually make a line that will be lead some guides in the front, middle, and back.

The guide will be there to give instruction and help the participants if get a trouble during the adventure.

  1. Locker and Shower Room

Locker and Shower Room are provided to put your change of clothes and take a shower after the adventure.

  1. Lunch

Lunch is generally served after you take a shower. It is really helpful to recharge your energy.

  1. Insurance Coverage

Every participant will also get insurance as a guarantee during the adventure.

Okay, do you interest to join into tandem tour with your partner?  You can check here for special offers.

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