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What You Must Bring in Atv Bali Rice Fields Bike Tour
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What You Must Bring in Atv Bali Rice Fields Bike Tour

Are you searching for a fun and challenging activity? Perhaps Atv Bali Rice Fields Bike Tour is the best way to choose.

The adventure will challenge you to conquer some wet and muddy terrain between beautiful rice fields flanks on a quad bike or atv (all-terrain vehicle).

Along the adventure route, you can get thrilling experience and witness the green stunning view.

It is the best way to spend your holiday time in Bali, and make it becomes more memorable and unforgettable.

ATV Adventure in Ubud Rice Field
ATV Adventure in Ubud Rice Field

Before starting the adventure, there are some items that you should remember to prepare and bring as follows.

  1. Sunblock or Suncream

The atv adventure is an outdoor activity where sunlight may burn your skin along the track. Hence, you are really advised to bring a sunblock or a suncream to prevent your skin from burning.

You can apply it at the starting point of the atv route before doing the adventure. In Bali, the sunblock can be easily got in some minimarkets alongside of the roads.

  1. Sunglass

Along the atv route, sunlight may also dazzle your eyes and may make you lose of control. You can use a sunglass to make your eyes become clear.

Besides that, use of sunglass can also prevent your eyes get in the dust and be irritated.

ATV Adventure in Ubud
ATV Adventure in Ubud
  1. A Set of Clothes for Changing

After doing the adventure along muddy terrain, your clothes may be dirty and wet. You don’t surely want to go back home by wearing the dirty and wet clothes, right?

Therefore, you should prepare and bring a set of clothes for changing in your bag. You can change the previous clothes after taking a shower.

  1. Waterproof Camera (Optional)

Camera is an optional item to bring. If you don’t want to lose fun moments during the adventure, then bring a camera to capture all of them in the photos and video records.

In the adventure, we recommend to bring a camera in waterproof action type which it is easy to apply because of smaller size.

Want to join in challenging atv adventure? Contact us via below for more detail!

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